Despite the increasing purchasing power and the dramatic growth experienced by Hispanics across all major economic and educational metrics and despite the development that the mortgage industry has undergone through the last twenty years, Hispanics remain significantly underserved as potential homeowners in this country. Hispanic homeownership rates remain significantly below the average of the genreral population and to non-Hispanics in the US.

This difference, which is not fully explained by the economic differences between the groups, we call the Hispanic Homeownership Gap. It is our belief that the Gap is created by very specific market inefficiencies coming from the lack of Hispanic-centric understanding across the primary and secondary mortgage channels. Hispanics unique behavioral, cultural and idiosyncratic characteristics lead to differences in their credit behavior and income structures, creating Barriers to Homeownership. These are unfortunately not well addressed by the traditional mortgage industry. The development of standardized systems, which have propelled homeownership in the US, have also had the unintended consequence of leaving a significant portion of the Hispanic population, that are otherwise good credit risks, outside of homes.


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