The Hispanic National Mortgage Association (“HNMA”) was founded on November 2003 out of the vision and leadership of Luis Maizel. Luis was worried about the low homeownership rates within the Hispanic community and was convinced that focusing on Hispanics’ particular characteristics could significantly close the Hispanic Homeownership Gap. Fully aware of the benefits brought about by homeownership and thus worried about the social consequences that low homeownership is having on the Hispanic Community, he challenged the status quo and decided to act to effect change.

Luis assembled an experienced Board of Advisors comprised of community and business leaders with both, housing-specific and Hispanic-specific experience to help him pursue his mission. Luis’ initial goal became HNMA’s mission: “Assisting Hispanics in fulfilling the American dream of owning a home, and in doing so narrow the homeownership gap and contribute to the prosperity of the community.” Immediately thereafter, Leonardo Simpser joined the effort to lead the building of the company and all its businesses across the primary and secondary mortgage markets.

While keeping a lean staff during the past two years, HNMA has tapped into the knowledge of experienced Technical Advisors, that have worked closely with HNMA management in building the backbone of businesses that will transform specific segments of the mortgage industry. As of today HNMA has three business units: HNMA Retail, whose central business is ILUMINA Mortgage, a Hispanic-centric retail mortgage origination company, HAUS R&D Unit, the unit where  product innovation and technology reside and includes the only Hispanic-specific automated underwriting system in the market and HNMA Funding Company, a correspondent lending company focused on providing liquidity for innovative loan programs approved by HAUS and offered to originators across the country.

HNMA’s mission is as real today as it was back in 2003 and it drives every single member of the company into action. The Company has the necessary knowledge, resources, leadership and energy to lead the transformation of the mortgage industry as it relates to Hispanics and it is confident its efforts will empower millions of Hispanic and other minority families through homeownership.


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